Becky Ragsdale

4350 LUnn Store Rd.

Chapel HIll TN,37034


Have a heart and feed a child.

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    Business Cards,Brochures and Address Labels I would like to do your business cards, brochures and address labels

    Experience:I will be posting my work on this website for you to view and you can see my experinces.


    I have been in management in grocery retail and I am a cashier part time now in a country store 5 minutes from my home.I also work from home doing business cards,brochures and address labels.

    Education:I am a high school graduate from Columbia ,Tenn

    I had to cut some of my home page to post this but is more important please read and have a heart.I know you’re busy but please give this a few minutes of your time.
    I done this because I have a heart and this is important to me and should be to everyone else.Please read and check this out if you don't sign up but to feed a child that all that matters.
    A dear friend of mine introduced me to this new progam and I got
    involved because it is for a "Good Cause." Yes it is true that you can even
    make some money with this but, in my opinion, the reason to join--is
    because it is the right thing to do.

    You can pre-enroll for FREE, and a hungry child will get nourished for
    a day. Not only that, you will be perfectly positioned to financially
    benefit when this company launches a new concept called ‘Leveraged
    Sharing’ very soon. (July 4th)
    Please--If you decide not to become a part of this, then pass it on so
    that others have a chance to decide for themselves.

    Go to:

    Support a World Wide Need… POVERTY & HUNGER. It’s Simple, Everyone
    Shares & Everyone Wins. The more People Helped, the More Wealth will Flow
    to You!

    Please remember to enter me as your referrer.
    Name: Becky Ragsdale
    God Bless

    Skills:I taught myself my computer skills

    I taught my self how to do business cards and designs and templates and so much more.Just messing around on the computer and just seeing what I could learn on it.

    References:Business cards I place on this website are cards I have done for different people off from the internet

    This business card you see is just one card I have done and I will be placing many more on this site

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